Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 550A




Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 550A

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Holistic Approach For Bird Keepers

Rabbit Air designed the BioGS 2.0 to blend in with and complement your home. The whisper-quiet technology is a welcome departure from the typical noise of other air purifiers and the intelligent display will dim when idle to reduce unnecessary light pollution. Turn on your BioGS and breathe in peace. Filter lifespan (based on 12 hour/day operation) 3 Years

The BioGS SPA-550A air purifier will filter all of the air in a room up to 550 sq. ft. (or 625 sq. ft. for the SPA-625A) twice in an hour on the high setting.

Ultra Quiet The heart of our air purifier is the Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC), an innovative motor with inverter control that operates at five different speeds. At its lowest speed, the purifier barely makes a sound.

Smart Display 
The user interface automatically lights up when you need it, and dims to conserve energy when you don't.
With our Energy Star rated design and filters lasting up to three years, based on 12-hour daily operation, the BioGS 2.0 keeps annual costs low.
What is room coverage?
Room coverage is determined by Air Changes Per Hour (ACPH). An air change per hour translates to how many times an air purifier can clean a room in one hour. For example, 2 air changes per hour shows that an air purifier can clean a room once every 30 minutes.