Wild Bird-Cascade Summer Suet Block




Wild Bird-Cascade Summer Suet Block
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FOR WILD BIRDS ONLY-Not for Human or Parrot Consumption

Wild Bird-Cascade Summer Suet Block (OSB) is a nutritious, high-energy, economically long lasting wild bird food that appeals especially to woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches and chickadees. There are hundreds of dry insects per block to bring welcome nutrients to wild birds visiting your backyard. It is also a benefit to bluebirds and is of no interest to squirrels. CSB is suitable for year around use. The ground millet in this food adds to its nutritive value.

Made in the USA

Unwrap and offer outdoors in an appropriate feeder. 12 oz.

Protein min. 10.4%, Fat min. 88.4%, Fiber max. 1.1%.

Rendered beef kidney suet, ground millet, dehydrated insects (Musca domestica), ground oyster shell, and mixed tocopherols (a natural preservative).