Prairie Plus Crisps! Carrots and Beets (3/4 Cup)




Prairie Plus Crisps! Carrots and Beets (3/4 Cup)

Prairie Plus introduces Crisps! Carrots and Beets a ready-to-serve freeze dried veggie treat! 
Prairie Plus brings all the nutritional benefits of carrots and beets for your birds in crispy easy to offer treats! Crisps! can be crumbled down into smaller pieces for birds who require smaller components, and sprinkled on top of moist foods or mixed in other dry offerings making them very versatile.
Carrots are amoung the top cancer-fighting foods, have antioxidants, as well as alpha and beta carotene. Carrots are  Vitamin A superheros and are also important sources of lutein and lycopene. Beets can help reduce inflammation, have been found to support heart and brain health, and may also contain some anti-cancer properties. 
Proudly Made and Freeze Dried in the USA. STORE IN COOL DRY PLACE BEST BY 1 YEAR


Product Details

Crisps! Carrots and Beets  (Suitable for Large or Small Birds)
Ingredients: Freeze Dried (FD) Tri-Colored Carrots and Golden Beets. 

Product of USA, Sustainably Farmed in Corvallis, OR. Non-GMO~ Store in a cool dry place and/or in a tightly sealed container. Best By 1 Year. 

**Due to the freeze drying process this blend benefits from, it may ship slightly later then our usual standard. Don't worry it is well worth the wait! Freeze Dried in Sacramento, Ca.