Avian FRESH Psittacine & Micrograin

I n two to four days you will be feeding your birds the most nutritious meal they have

ever had. Their eager response to AFD will demonstrate their intuitive recognition that Avian FRESH Diet Premium Living Food is the REAL STUFF, the food they have been waiting for. And soon you will see for yourself the impressive results of your wise choice.


NOTE: Throughout these instructions reference is made to the use of the Sprouttower as an optional way to sprout AFD. Using the Sprouttower is easy and efficient. It takes only 5" x 7" of space on the counter by your sink and uses either quart-size jars or half gallon jars.


If you are not practiced at sprouting, please be patient for a few days.

The AFD Program is easy and safe. Once set up, there are only four simple steps:

  1. Rinse

  2.  Soak

  3.  Sprout

  4.  Feed

Though the process requires a few simple tools, a "place" to happen, and a little daily attention, preparation takes much less of your valuable time (only 2 to 4 minutes a day) than any other "fresh" food concept such as the peeling and chopping of fruits and vegetables, or soak and cook diets. Within just a few days you will feel confident and both you and your birds will be grateful for the switch to nature's vital energy.

The Concept

We provide 17 of the finest grains, seeds, and legumes. They are alive. Even ungerminated, they carry vitality a pellet has lost forever. With your guidance, they will reach their full potential.


The Process

You will need space on a sink drain board or an AFD SPROUTTOWER (available from China Prairie Co). KEEP SPROUTS OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Normal indoor light is OK. Don't sprout in a cabinet or closet. Sprouts need good air circulation.


  1.  Make a working solution of FRESH Stabilizer (FS), the non-toxic grapefruit bioflavanoid, by mixing:

Use one and one half (1 1/2) teaspoons (or 6 cc) of FS with one gallon of pure water (this is a 500 ppm mix). Store this container in a dark place (It may darken in light, but without any harm to its effectiveness or shelf life). Adding the FS to a gallon container of distilled water is a good way to start.


  1. Choose a sprouting container to suit the number of birds you have. For a starting point, try one-quarter cup of dry grains per bird (Grey Parrot size) per day. This varies, of course, with species, weather, and other dietary items fed. Three (3) one quart mason jars with sprouting lids (available from China Prairie Co.) is the best



arrangement for one to six birds. Half-gallon mason jars will do more, and then plastic buckets (two with small drain holes drilled in the bottom) are used for larger amounts. If you have 50 birds or more, inquire about the China Prairie's Ozone FRESH Sprouting Device.


  1. Place the grain mix in the soaking container (not more than one-half full of AFD mix as the volume will nearly double during the soaking period). Rinse with pure water. Drain and pour the FRESH Stabilizer working solution into the sprouting container so that the grains are fully covered with the liquid. Allow mixture to soak 8 to 12 hours (12 is preferred). Start in the morning - drain in the evening, or vice versa.


  1.  Invert the sprouting jar onto the drain board or, with buckets, pour mixture into a bucket with holes in the bottom to drain on the drain board (or follow SPROUTTOWER instructions). Cover buckets with a loose fitting lid to reduce dehydration and to keep out insects and potential contaminants.

AFTER DRAINING 1 to 2 HOURS, PLACE JARS ON THEIR SIDE FOR AIR CIRCULATION. Allow mix to sprout undisturbed for one to three additional days. Important: We only want small white sprout tails, not green leaves. The nutritional transformation takes place on first emergence. The FRESH Addition supplement will provide plenty of Beta-carotene and chlorophyll. Sprouting progress varies with ambient temperature. At 65-70 degrees F (room temp), AFD will be ready to feed in two additional days. Above 80 degrees, feed after an additional 24 hours, and at low temperatures, it will take up to four days total. Do not leave the sprouts longer than four days. If you choose, rotating the jars to "fluff" twice a day will improve quality.


  1.  Don't forget to start the new batch each morning. That way the process is continuous. You have a flow of fresh, live food with only a few minutes of preparation daily. You will appreciate the extra time you have created.


ABOUT RINSING: Using the non-toxic FRESH Stabilizer assures that unwanted microorganism proliferation will be controlled. Rinsing will improve the cosmetic appearance and speed of germination but will increase the risk of microbial contamination if the rinse water is not 100% pure. Traditional sprouting techniques rely upon frequent rinsing to physically wash away microbes, but may, in itself, be the cause of the problem. The results are completely dependent upon the quality of your water and air. See the trouble-shooting section. As the sprouting progresses, changes will occur in the color and aroma of the grains and seeds. Darkening is normal. A smell sometimes described as like wet leather is normal. A sour or acid smell, though not always harmful, should be investigated. Of course no mold (gray, black or white) or sliminess should be present. If you are sure your water is pure, AFD will benefit from rinsing twice daily. If you are in doubt, see the trouble-shooting section or call China Prairie Co: 707 923-1445. Ask about our sprouting rack, The SPROUTTOWER for easy handling of jars. The SPROUTTOWER captures drain water and delivers it into your sink and only uses a 5"x7" space on your counter. We recommend no rinsing until you are satisfied with the results, then experiment with rinsing and sprouting without FS. If your water and air are top quality, you won't need FS.


The Program

Now you have delicious, succulent, living sprouts to feed. To complete the Avian FRESH Diet Program, FRESH Addition is added at the time of feeding. This assures that the supplement itself is as fresh and pure as the sprouts. Mix in just enough FRESH Addition to coat the sprouts evenly without any caking or lumps. Only one to three percent of the total diet is required for FRESH Addition to do its magic. There is no need to measure, as, unlike other avian supplements, FA is


completely non-tonic. You will know if you are using too much if there is residue left in the bowl other than a thin blue-green stain. Be sure to replace the FA lid snugly.


IMPORTANT: Simply keep the ziplock bags tightly sealed or (for bulk sizes) transfer to plastic or metal containers that can be tightly closed. This is important to keep grain moths out. Avoid storage near heating sources. Freezing is good if above 10 degrees F and tightly sealed (double bagged). FRESH Addition is very stable at room temperature but is sensitive to oxidation, so keep tightly closed. It is best to decant a week's worth of FA into a smaller container so that the main batch has less oxidation.


ABOUT HOW MUCH TO FEED: Most of us, in our desire to give our birds the very best of everything, over-feed them. Imagine yourself limited to a nice comfortable room where a table is set all day with delicious foods, close at hand at all times. Would you ever have an appetite? Would you select only those foods that caught your fancy?

Would this situation result in you being well nourished and healthy? Of course not.

We recommend that you feed your birds only an amount that will be completely eaten in three hours. This assumes that feeding is done twice daily. This parallels the birds` habits in the wild, assures that a balanced diet is being consumed, that food does not deteriorate or become contaminated, and greatly reduces your feed costs and cleanup time. Give your birds plenty of non-food entertainment and you will see how less food will make your birds healthier and happier.


ABOUT ACCEPTANCE OF THE NEW DIET: Over 90% of birds enthusiastically welcome Avian FRESH Diets on the first feeding. There are, however, a few individuals who, like some humans, just don't like any changes of any kind. For these birds, or ones that are feeding babies, retain their accustomed food, replacing it with AFD gradually over a period of a week. Once sampled, we have never seen a bird that didn't prefer AFD to their previous favorite.


TROUBLE-SHOOTING: The most common cause of mold growth is contaminated water. Make sure you have mixed the working solution of FRESH Stabilizer correctly (1 1/2t. or 6 cc/gal). Try a batch using distilled water. If you are rinsing, try a batch with no rinsing at all. If this does not cure the problem, the source is contaminated air in the room where the operation is taking place. Call China Prairie for help. We can make it work.

Most people have no trouble with the AFD process whatsoever, and with a little adjustment, you won't either. Don't be offended at the thought that after all of the effort you have made to keep your environment clean, there might be some microorganisms that have found a niche there. They are very clever little unseen creatures. The sprouts are like the canary in the coal mine; they are your microbe sensors, a warning device.

The most common cause of contaminated air is carpeting. In reality, there is no non-toxic way to successfully clean carpeting. We recommend its removal, but first, simply try sprouting somewhere else. Sometimes this means in another building. We have found that a refrigerator can generate contaminated air. The space behind and under a refrigerator is also impossible to clean and provides ideal incubation and distribution conditions for microorganisms. It might be time to move it out for a complete cleaning, With these measures done, not only will your sprouting be trouble-free, but also life will be healthier for you and your birds.

If you have any questions, please call us. We will be happy to help you achieve the ease, economy, and health benefits of the Avian FRESH Diet Program.


IMPORTANT: Keep all AFD products in insect-proof containers.



The sprouting of the Avian FRESH Diet will give

you the best possible avian food for the least effort.

However, if you prefer to cook it:

Avian FRESH Diets will outperform any

"Soak and cook" mixture on the market.

Simply cover with water, bring to a boil, cover,

simmer for twenty minutes stirring frequently, and

cool. Apply FRESH Addition before serving as

per previous instructions.   Overnight soaking

reduces cooking time.

Your birds will relish AFD in its cooked form.