Holiday Auromere Bath and Body Set




Holiday Auromere Bath and Body Set

Product Details

Add some wonderful all natural bath and body products to your routine! This Holiday set is contains specially selected favorite products that we LOVE with a great price to match! This holiday special is perfect for gift giving or sending too! The kit contains:

Auromere Ayurvedic Aloe-Neem Shampoo 16oz 
Auromere Tulsi-Neem Bath Soap 2.75 oz.
Auromere Ayurvedic Face.Hand.Body Rejuvenating Lotion 8 oz.
Bamboo Soap Dish and Soap Pouch
Boar Bristle Nail Brush
Boar Bristle Body Brush

Why do we LOVE these products? 
The products are formulated here locally in California and made with all natural ingredients perfect for sensitive skin types. The ingredients used in these formulations have been know to have many health benefits for skin and body. The body lotion is perfect for women or men as it does not have a strong scent, but a mild pleasant one AND makes your skin sooooo soft! The Tulsi Soap has a very refreshing scent and leaves a clean feel. The shampoo is gentle without drying for daily cleansing. The brushes are great quality and the nail brush is a must for all gardners who tend the soil. 
We hope you will like these products as much as we do, and take advantage of this special Holiday Pricing!! Happy Holidays China Prairie Friends. Quanities are Limited so order soon!