Ozone Generator Model 52




Ozone Generator Model 52

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In recent years aware aviculturists have discovered the dangers of toxic disinfectants. These chemicals can be a hazard to both you and your birds, directly as a poison, and as an immune depressant. One of the most serious consequences of the continued use of toxic chemicals is residue build-up. No matter how diligently you rinse and scrub, the toxic materials accumulate in pores and cracks, in most cases, then gas into the environment. Your valued babies develop in surroundings that are compromised rather than one that promotes strength and independence from rescue drugs.

Ozone (O3), in the concentrations used for disinfection, is totally non-toxic. Its "residue" is simply oxygen (O2). We found, in laboratory tests, that injecting ozone into our incubators eliminated all pathogens tested in less than thirty minutes. The incubator and brooder disinfection procedure can be carried out with complete safety in the nursery with babies present (but not in the unit being treated). The pathogen-free units can be returned to service immediately without rinsing or "airing-out". The ozone penetrates and disinfects areas that liquid cannot or should not reach such as inside fans, motors, air ducts, wiring, and electronics. Thus a far more complete and safe treatment is possible.

Our ozone units are made of sturdy stainless steel, are small and light in weight, and require no maintenance. There are no filters to replace, no cartridges to buy. They are supplied with a five foot flexible feed tube which can be inserted into almost any enclosure up to 12 cu. ft. (incubators, brooders, hatchers, nest boxes, etc., even pet cages covered in plastic sheeting). Larger units are also available. Ozone destroys microbes by oxidation, therefore some rubber products and a few plastics can be damaged. However, the brief run-time has shown this to be a minor factor in most incubators, hatchers, and brooders.

All ALPHA-GENESIS incubators are made from ozone resistant materials. If you have any doubt about using ozone with your unit please call. For those of you who want to reduce or eliminate toxic materials from your avicultural procedures, this is what you have been looking for.


For enclosures such as nest boxes, cages, etc. and also forced air units such as incubators, brooders, etc.

Specifications:115 VAC 0.4 amps, 43 watts, Average lamp life: 8500 hrs, compressor-driven. Output: 0.10 gram ozone/hr, Shipping Wt: 7 lbs

This unit can also be used for disinfecting water.