FRESH Stabilizer Disinfectant GSE 2 oz.




FRESH Stabilizer Disinfectant GSE 2 oz.

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Through the use of the FRESH Stabilizer (GSE), a non-toxic citrus bioflavanoid, you are assured that proliferation of undesirable microorganisms is not a problem during the sprouting process. This further assures that accidental microbial contamination of food items will be neutralized.

Nutribiotic Brand Made in USA

Ingredients: Organic Vegetable Glycerine & Citracidal Non-toxic grapefruit bioflavanoid.

Directions: Mix 8 cc to 1 gallon or 8 drops to 16 oz. clean/pure water. This makes a 500ppm solution that is effective under most conditions. Stronger concentrations can be used.