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Q. After I soak the sprout blend overnight, about how long until I can start feeding?

A. Once the sprouting blend is soaked (8 – 10 hours) it will take about 2-3 additional days before feeding. Your growing crop is somewhat sensitive to its surroundings. Growing sprouts want room temperature, good air flow, pure water, and light. In warmer and/or humid climates one might see accelerated sprouting and the reverse may be true. In cooler/dyer climates the growth rate is slower. So on average once the tails start to appear you can start to feed, store in fridge, and make sure you are starting your new batch—as to always have a fresh supply of sprouts to offer!

Q. Do I need to treat the water used for soaking/rinsing with FRESH Stabilizer (GSE) in order to sprout?

A. We start off by saying—Make sure your water is pure. That is the most important take-away. If you are not sure if your water is pure-- we do strongly recommend using the FRESH Stabilizer (GSE). Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is a natural product that is non-toxic to humans and animals. It is extremely effective at neutralizing microbes. We offer a copy of the GSE Report for $1.00-under the Nutribiotic Footer Tab, which contains valuable compiled information of the studies and benefits of GSE.

Q. What are the true health benefits of sprouting?

A. The health benefits of sprouting is widely recognized through scientific and historical study. This evidence also translates to animal studies, not just human evidence of value. We have compiled a concise page that we like titled "Why We Should Grow and Eat Sprouts Everyday" by Gene Monson, the maker of the Easy Sprout™. The sprouting vessel we sell in the Starter kits and separately. Quite informational and enjoyable! CLICK HERE TO READ

Q. Are your products organic?

A. Our Sprouting Blends and Supplements are organic based on availability, quality, and pricing allowances. Our wonderful USA suppliers will always give us the option to self-source if organic is not available to them. On some occasions we have sourced some ingredients ourselves. Our standards are high, and we partner with vendors whose standards and values match our own. We always have, and always will!

Q. Upon offering the sprouts to my bird how long can I leave it out? Will it spoil if left out too long?

A. Sprouts are like any fresh food item—they have the potential of spoiling if left out too long. The food should be eaten readily then picked up if not finished. Unlike pellets (which is not Living Food & often contains preservatives) sprouts are to be thought of like any salad product for yourself. If you left a salad on the counter and not refrigerated, it may not necessarily spoil but it would not be appealing to eat. Fresh sprouts from the fridge should be offered (after the grow stage) and a fresh cycle of food continually grown.

Q. If I have questions, even lots of them, can I call and talk to somebody? And what level of customer service can I expect when calling?

A. We are here for you! We are not a large impersonal business, but a small friendly one. Having said that—we may take a little longer getting back to you, as we organize our day, but nothing is as important to us as you and your bird’s health! We realize that starting the Avian FRESH Diet may come with a learning curve, and we want you to feel comfortable sprouting or using any of our products--always! If the voicemail comes on just leave your name and best call back time for a prompt call back. We love meeting our customers over the phone and are happy to help.

A question that we did not answer? Feel free to email, or call. We are here to help! (916)-917-5408