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Common Sense Solutions by Uncommon Means

We have a simple belief that guides everything we produce for aviculture and companion birds:

Beginning with knowledge of the birds in their native habitat, and years of experience with birds under human care, we utilize traditional wisdom and the latest technology to create our avian offerings. Each one is conceived to provide a whole solution, without trade-offs, compromises, or health and safety dangers. This goal is achieved by using diverse approaches and the simplicity of natural ways in our diets. Please take a few minutes to review these pages below and carefully compare our approach to your bird's well-being to your present practices.


When was the last time you saw a pellet tree? Do you harvest your parrot diet from a pellet tree? Of course not! They don't exist in Nature, so should you make pellets the food-of-choice for your bird? Of course not! It's just common sense.

Let's suppose that the best pellet-maker used the same premium quality human-grade ingredients that are found in Avian FRESH Diets (they don't, but let's make believe). They grind up theirs, oxidizing and extinguishing all life potential. Then synthetic "vitamins" (better known as chemical imitations) are added. Finally pressure and sometimes heat are applied to form the pellet. You sprout Avian FRESH Diet Parrot Food, greatly enhancing the nutritional value of your parrot food, and add all natural FRESH Addition Nutritional Supplement, the 100% REAL avian vitamin supplement containing blue-green algae, barley grass, alfalfa leaf, trace minerals, herbs, and probiotics. Which one do you think will be better?

No contest! Sprouting for birds is widely acknowledged as superior nutrition~

Have you ever wondered what's really in those pelleted shapes? You can never tell, but you can see the quality in whole, unprocessed Avian FRESH Diet, our 100% REAL Parrot Food.

For millions of years, the birds that we value so highly evolved to become the magnificent creatures that share our homes today. They came to us in perfect health, eating whole pure foods from forests, grasslands, and mountains-nature's gardens, foods in vital living forms provided by the balance of the natural world. There were no synthetic vitamins to "fortify", no artificial colors to "excite", no concentrates to "stimulate", no chemical preservatives to "protect", no animal products to "compensate" for cheap bulk grains, and no machine processing to grind, roll, crush, heat, or press, destroying the vitality and energy of these living, health sustaining foods. There were no overgrown toenails, crooked beaks, feather picking, or need for "feather conditioning" sprays.

"Keep it whole, pure and simple"

Avian FRESH Diet Parrot Food is the result of eighteen years of diet evolution at the China Prairie Breeding Facility with more than 400 parrots of over 50 species. It is centered upon the concept that wild birds eat living, succulent foods without synthetic vitamins, preservatives, concentrates, etc. and have access to and utilize a vast array of herbal plant life. The formulas are nutrient-dense, which means a smaller amount of food is needed for nourishment and consequently is an economic advantage in both product cost and shipping expense. To achieve this we have created a system of sprouting these premium viable components that is safe in any climate, easy to prepare, and very time and space efficient. Through the use of our FRESH Stabilizer disinfectant, a non-toxic citrus bioflavanoid, you are assured that proliferation of undesirable microorganisms is not a problem during the sprouting process. This further assures that accidental microbial contamination of food items will be neutralized. How often have you wondered if your pellets or seed mix might be less than clean?

The seeds, grains, and legumes we have chosen (with assistance from our birds and other natural food authorities) are the finest human-grade, certified organic whenever possible, methodically tested, and items in proportions providing the best complementary combinations.

Most of these are provided in a hulled form. This is a great saving, as you are not paying for hull weight and there is almost no debris to clean up. A further advantage is that the FRESH Addition nutritional supplement is not wasted on discarded hulls.

The 100% Natural Avian FRESH Nutritional Supplement

To complete the AFD parrot food program we have created FRESH Addition, a 100% natural powdered nutritional supplement that is applied to the sprouts at the time of feeding. Comprised organic ingredients of the finest blue-green algae, barley grass, alfalfa leaf, trace mineral clay, probiotics, and herbs and spices, FRESH Addition is the premium avian supplement. We use no synthetic vitamins whatsoever yet your birds are provided with every element essential to prime health and disease resistance. We use no additional coloring of any kind, yet your birds will immediately recognize and relish this brilliant green flavorful treat for what it is- The Real Stuff. We use no preservatives yet FRESH Addition is stable at room temperature for four months and comes in a sealed wide-mouth jar.

THE BEST WAY TO BEGIN giving your birds the many advantages of a sprouted diet is the Avian FRESH Diet Starter Kit. It has everything you need and makes the process simple and easy. As they say "just add water".

Two Birds Eating - Skippy and Scarlet
Connor & Misty Blue~ Thanks, Elaine

PLEASE CAREFULLY COMPARE the Avian FRESH Diet (AFD) Program to your current diet practice. You will see it is light-years ahead and at a cost below that of assembling these ingredients yourself. To Order your Starter Kit Click Here