Prairie Plus Flourish! Bountiful 3 oz.




Prairie Plus Flourish! Bountiful 3 oz.

Prairie Plus introduces Flourish! Bountiful a ready-to-serve dried blend consisting of China Prairie air dried Psittacine and Thrive sprouts, veggies, flowers, PLUS a bit of pumpkin powder! 
Prairie Plus brings all the nutritional benefits of sprouts together with a wonderful diverse array of other ingredients.  Bountiful is a superior revolutionary avian product that is easy, convenient, and highly nutritious. Freeze dried products retain aroma, flavor, and 97% of nutrients, making Bountiful the perfect addition to a fresh whole food diet. Bountiful can be easily mixed in with other dry blends or components which highlights this product's versatility! 
Proudly Made and Freeze Dried in the USA. STORE IN COOL DRY PLACE BEST BY 1 YEAR
This unique, all natural, and healthy blend was formulated with Lou @Parrotsrus and Flock! To be enjoyed and relished by medium & large parrots. 


Product Details

Prairie Plus 100% Naturally Dried Organic Products!

FLOURISH!  Bountiful Blend (Medium to Big Bird Blend)
China Prairie Sprouted  Air Dried Ingredients: Whole Corn, Whole Oat-Hulled, Hulled Sunflower Seed, Brown Rice, Hi Pro Wheat Berry, Whole Green Pea, Garbanzo, Mung Bean, Buckwheat, White Millet, Red Millet, Fenugreek, Pumpkin Seed, Sesame Seed, Quinoa, Radish Seed, Mustard Seed, Red Clover Seed, Red Lentils, Green Lentils, Spelt, Broccoli Seed, Black Sesame, Alfalfa Seed, Coriander Seed, Fennel, Poppy Seed. 

PLUS~Freeze Dried Kale, Dandelion Leaf, Freeze Dried Carrots, Freeze Dried Cranberry Bits, Chrysanthemum Flowers, Dried Pumpkin Powder

**Due to the freeze drying process this blend benefits from, it may ship slightly later then our usual standard. Don't worry it is well worth the wait!