Are you a little apprehensive about taking the big step: "Sprouting Parrot Food"? Look at it from another angle. Healthy, viable grains, seeds, and legumes are just patiently waiting to bust forth, releasing their dormant potential. With a little water, warmth, and moving air it all happens quite naturally with very little energy on your part. The AFD Program makes it simple to provide the right environment for this to occur. Thousands of bird keepers sprout AFD everyday without any problems and just a few minutes of preparation.

Our Avian FRESH Diet-Psittacine was developed at the China Prairie Breeding Facility over a period of 18 years where we worked with approximately 50 species of parrots from Lories to Hyacinths. Avian FRESH Diet-Micrograin was developed at the request of breeders of finches other "soft billed" birds. Since that time, AFD-Psittacine is also being used not only for parrots, but for tortoises, many kinds of rodents; any other vegetarian critter. And it has turned out that the higher level of herb seeds in AFD-Micrograin attracts many parrots, especially Cockatoos. When you observe Cockatoos in the wild, even the larger ones, you see why, as they seek out very small seeds of many types. So, the reason that we include both ADF-P and AFD-M in our Starter Kit is to provide the opportunity for your birds to be the experts. After all, they are smarter than we are about many things.

So give it a try. You and your birds will be happy you did.

China Prairie Company

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