Eucalyptus Twigs and Pods W/Ceylon Cinnamon Stick




Eucalyptus Twigs and Pods W/Ceylon Cinnamon Stick

Product Details

Fresh cut organic Eucalyptus is a truly an enrichment treat for parrots large and small! As birds forage, play, chew, and pull on leaves and twigs it can provide hours of enjoyment and stimulation. The Eucalyptus oil inside the bark is a natural health tonic. The branches also provide trace elements and minerals that are benefical to your birds health. The natural Eucalyptus fragrance is clean and fresh. Let your birds relish in this unique natural opportunity to experience Eucalyptus!

Organic Eucalyptus Branch Twigs and Pods Plus Ceylon Cinnamon: Each package contains twigs, pods, and 1 ceylon cinnamon stick!

 **Product card comes with packaging!

*This product is only meant for the animals for which it was purchased. If you have other species of pet, please research how they may be affected by this product before using around them.  CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.