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100% Real Parrot Food
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The Premium Avian Nutritional Supplement 100% Natural and Proven

FRESH Addition is without a doubt the finest, most comprehensive avian supplement to your parrot diet available. It is the cornerstone of the Avian FRESH Program and will provide the most impressive results when used in conjunction with the other components of the AFP. However, as an addition to your present parrot food, FA will out-perform any other related product.

Here is why:

FRESH Addition includes, not one carotene source, but Nutrex™ Hawaiian Spirulina blue-green algae, Barley grass, and Alfalfa leaf. It includes a marine trace mineral clay that has 88 trace minerals in their natural proportions, not just the usual isolated few. It includes, not just one, but four proven beneficial microorganisms. And FA-SOAR gives you effective amounts of eleven herbs from four continents, not just micro amounts of those most commonly known so they can appear on the label.

The elements we don't use are as important as the pure constituents we do.There is no bee pollen, as it is impossible to control what contaminants the bees carry to their hive. FA contains no processed, concentrated, or extracted ingredients that have been altered from their natural state. And, of course, we use no synthetic vitamins, animal products, yeast or chemical preservatives whatsoever.

Most importantly FRESH Addition is the product of over 17 years of development by aviculturists. You are getting the premium full spectrum avian supplement for less than the total cost of the components separately.

There Are Two FRESH Addition Nutritional Supplement Formulas:

Fresh Addition Universal

FRESH Addition-Universal™ is the nutritional supplement designed for companion parrots, softbills, and for addition to baby formulas.

FA UNIVERSAL INGREDIENTS: Spirulina Blue-Green Algae, Barley Grass, Alfalfa leaf, Montmorillonite clay, Capsicum pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Psillium Kelp, Bifidbacterium bifidum, Streptococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Calcium ascorbate, Peanut oil, Sea salt.

Crude Protein: not less than 23%; Crude Fat: not less than 5%; Crude Fiber: not more than 8%; Moisture: not more than 6%

Fresh Addition Soar

FRESH Addition-SOAR™ is the original formula and is the nutritional supplement to choose for birds under stressful conditions, recovering from illness, and breeding pairs.

FA SOAR INGREDIENTS: Same as above plus Echinacea purpurea, Pau D'Arco, Astragalus, Licorice root, Comfrey, and Siberian Ginseng.

Crude Protein: not less than 24%; Crude Fat: not less than 6%; Crude Fiber: not more than 7%; Moisture: not more than 6%

How to Use FRESH Addition

FRESH Addition should make up from 1% to 5% of the total parrot diet. It is not necessary to measure or weigh the application. FRESH Addition is completely non-toxic and may even be fed free choice if your bird is severely malnourished (out-of-balance). FRESH Addition is best applied to any moist food at the time of feeding. Moist foods are: sprouts, fruit, vegetables, cooked meals, etc., whatever it will stick to so it is not wasted. We do not recommend adding FRESH Addition (or any other substance) to drinking water. Mix FRESH Addition with the moist food (at the time of feeding; do not cook or store moist) until all surfaces are evenly coated a thin blue-green color. This will give you an approx. 1% to 3% application. As the material begins to cake on the food surface you are getting an approx. 4% to 5% application.

  • For birds that are on the Avian FRESH Program: Use 1% to 3% AFD nutritional supplement on moist "treat" foods. You will have the best possible avian program and the results will be impressive.
  • For birds that are fed primarily pellets: Use 4% to 5% AFD nutritional supplement on any moist food. For best results, discontinue all other supplements*.
  • For birds that are fed a traditional dry seed diet: Use 4% to 5% or more AFD nutritional supplement on moist food. Discontinue all other supplements* and consider other dietary concepts.
  • For birds that are fed "shotgun" style (everything you can think of): Use 4% to 5% AFD nutritional supplement on the moist items, discontinue all other supplements*, and inquire about how the Avian FRESH Program will save you a lot of time and money and give you the results you have been looking for at the same time.
  • For birds that have long-term health problems such as feather-picking and other self-mutilations, weak immune response, allergic symptoms that have not responded to traditional veterinary treatment: Use 4% to 5% AFD nutritional supplement on all moist foods, offer free-choice, discontinue all other supplement* and treatments, and consider the Avian FRESH Program. Often you will see improvement within two weeks; however some birds, depending upon the duration of the disorder and severity of the damage, will require six months or more for significant recovery. Of course we cannot guarantee that your bird will respond.

*Nearly all other avian supplements contain synthetic vitamins, extracts and concentrates that can cause undesirable symptoms. Discontinuing these and substituting FRESH Addition will give you the best results.

STORAGE: Room temperature- four months. Refrigerator or freezer- one year.

IMPORTANT: Keep bulk tightly closed. For daily use, decant into smaller container.

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