Avian FRESH Diet Psittacine Sprouting Seed Blend

AFD Psittacine™ Sprouting Seed Blend

~Why We Should Grow & Eat Sprouts Everyday~

SPROUTS! Back in the 1940’s, Dr. Clive McCay of Cornell University referred to them this way: A live vegetable that will grow in any climate, rival meat in nutritional value (and tomatoes in vitamin C), matures in three to five days, may be planted any day of the year, requires neither soil nor sunshine, can be eaten raw."

Environmental Reasons: Most seeds, beans and grains presently consumed throughout much of the world, are subjected to varying degrees of processing and cooking. Large quantities are fed to livestock which are in turn sold for meat, with significant losses in total food values. The extensive reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables produced thousands of miles away impact everything from energy (for production, refrigerated transport & storage) to water resources (for irrigation). Since fresh sprouts can be grown at the point-of-consumption and eaten with little or no cooking, environmental impact is greatly reduced.

Economic Reasons: Since sprouting results in a quantitative and qualitative expansion of the most valuable nutritional elements of our food supply (enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals & the unknown factors) with a minimal input of energy or labor more economic benefits accrue to those who grow their own sprouts. Equally, the unprocessed seeds have a greater economic value, more of which could be retained by the grower. Sprouting is much more compatible with the productive cycles of modern agriculture. Properly stored seeds have long shelf life, and are much more likely to hold their value whether in the hand of farmers, distributors or consumers. The most important economic benefits remain hidden—the long term effect on health and well-being of the individuals, societies and diverse eco-systems that share this planet.

Better Nutrition:"Nutrition—the interrelated steps by which a living organism assimilates and uses food." Sprouting enhances the already high value of seeds, beans, grains, & nuts. Nutrients are altered to forms more compatible with human/animal physiology and digestion. Enzyme systems are unleashed. Protein, carbohydrate, fat is broken down (“pre-digested”) to free amino acids, simple sugars and soluble compounds. New and existing vitamins increase dramatically and the vital minerals, including calcium, magnesium and iron become more assimilable after the seeds begin to sprout. Plus remember—All the UNKNOWN factors!

Better Health:"Health—optimal functioning with freedom from disease and abnormality." A growing number of scientists have pointed to "enzyme deficiency" as an underlying cause of degenerative diseases. Factors in sprouts have prevented cancer, reversed aging and restored fertility, health and vitality to laboratory animals. Can we afford to ignore such a practical, convenient, environmentally sound, economical and nutritious food resource like sprouts? I certainly can’t, which is why we advocate people to grow and eat them every day.

By Gene Monson, Inventor of EASY-SPROUT™ founder & president

We at China Prairie Products™ advocate to grow and feed them to your bird(s) every day. The health benefits extend to humans and animals—harness the power of Nature!

Avian FRESH Diet Psittacine Sprouting Seed Blend

AFD Micrograin™ Sprouting Seed Blend~